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Buying a new home is exciting and one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family. But to seal the deal, you’ll need to purchase home insurance. This policy will shield your home from losses that could occur if your new home is involved in a fire, robbery, weather disaster or any other sort of calamity. Most homeowner’s insurance also protects you from liability regarding injuries sustained by people on your property.

Homeowners Insurance

When you want to purchase a policy, you need to deeply consider the limit of its coverage, the kind of deductible you would prefer, and other policies you might need for your home.

However, you can save some funds when choosing to go for insurance with far less coverage and far more available deductible. 

Who Offers the Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in 2020

If you’re looking for the cheapest homeowner insurance that will fit into your budget, we’ve compiled together some of the cheapest homeowner insurance in 2020 for your perusal. Check them out below:


This is simply the best on our list as it rated very high due to high customer satisfaction; it also offers homeowners competitive rates to choose from.

There are many discounts available on this company like safety discount, loyalty discount, auto-pay discount, and several others.

It even offers credit for remodeled homes, and homeowners can count on coverage for their valuable items, catastrophic events, personal property replacement, and several others.

There is also a platinum package that covers business and other financial entities in addition to your home.


This insurance firm offers the best discount deals and gives homeowners opportunities to save.

There are several policies customized to fit the needs of different homeowners.

There are different payment plans available with this insurance firm to help the insurer delay payments during the pandemic period.

Allstate’s coverage options include business property, musical instrument, water backup, yard and garden, and even sports equipment.

One of the advantages of homeowners insuring with Allstate is that they can claim forgiveness.

Best Homeowners Insurance


If you’re looking for an ideal insurance firm for your mobile home, then you’d like Famers.

This firm has been around since 1928 and has grown to one of the largest in the country.

They offer different insurance for different kinds of homes to accommodate other homeowners.

Some advantages of insuring with Farmers are the reduced deductible and an option for eco-rebuilding; people can also claim forgiveness with this insurance firm.

There are different discounts available with Farmers and even three packages with varying prices that homeowners can shape to their preferred coverage; you can increase the coverage limit or choose to reduce it.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

The Hartford

Another top insurance firm that has been around for more than two centuries is the Hartford; this firm caters mostly to seniors who belong to AARP.

Apart from this, other benefits of insuring with the Hartford and the different advanced packages they offer members.

These packages differ according to your budget and coverage limit you desire, and homeowners can access all packages.

A quote system on the site gives people an estimate of how much it would cost to insure their home based on the address they enter.

There are several discounts available with Hartford, so it is one of the cheapest you can find in the country.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in California

State Farm

This is probably the largest you can find in the country as you can surely find an agent in whatever location you are or very close to your location.

They also offer homeowners many competitive prices and even policies that you can easily customize to fit the kind of coverage you would prefer.

In addition to providing amazing discounts on their different packages, you can learn a lot about insurance on their site and also get an estimate of how much you will need to insure your home by exploring their quote tool online.

When you get an estimate, you can contact them to find out if there are further discounts you can benefit from to help you save and cut down on credit.

Their extensive network and reviews from customers who are satisfied with their services are why this firm is the best in the country and the largest available.


This is one for the military personnel and their family members; the services offered are top-notch, and the prices are on the low side to support military members.

If you’re from a military home and you would like to insure your home, this should be your first option. However, you would need to be eligible to insure with them.

The discounts with this firm are not so many, but they are still the cheapest you can find out there; the affordable options can help homeowners achieve stability financially.

They are known for highly satisfying customers who are insured, and coverage include natural disasters, home-sharing, theft, fire, and several others.


They are not known for their fantastic customer services, but they are still one of the cheapest options you have if you’re looking to insure your home.

They offer homeowners different discounts for their home like a discount for the renovation of the house insured and also a discount if you would like to roof the home.

There are also loyalty schemes available with this insurer that homeowners can enjoy. The coverage differ according to the package chosen.

However, an advantage of Nationwide is that they cover extra items other firms probably won’t like coverage for your credit cards and also ordinance insurance.


Owning a home is a life-changing experience, but your family must be insured against unforeseen disasters.

These insurance companies mentioned above provide coverage for several things that could go wrong, and some of these firms allow you to customize your coverage.

They are also the cheapest options you can find, and you’re bound to find one amongst them that suits your needs.

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