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Products, banks and credit unions featured here are displayed without compensation from partners and their input has no influence which products we write about or how various products and institutions appear on a given page.

Our editorial policy is not influenced by banks, credit unions or product providers and our opinions are our own best advice.

Best Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Products for 2020

It’s our contention that the best bank or credit union is specific to your needs and desires and entirely dependent on your market preferences when it comes to selecting a savings account, a checking account or other wealth-building products.

BanksBestRates has invested countless hours in compiling data to compare and rate hundreds of financial institutions to reveal those with the best finest offerings and safest practices.

To determine which banks and credit unions offer the top checking accounts, we analyze banks offers for perks such as interest paid, ATM fee reimbursement, size of their ATM networks and levels of monthly or annual fees.

David Goodman

By David Goodman

David is the Vice President of Operations for

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