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We’re a dedicated team of banking professionals, data scientists, finance advisers and journalists with one goal in mind – handing you the keys to your own vault of customized financial information.

Our comprehensive and live data allows you to locate any bank or credit union branch near you and reach deep into the informative details you need to make critical decisions.

Our intuitive calculators and reports, along with original and curated editorial content, will guide and inform you to help you reach your financial goals.

Annamarie Aveytia – Creative Director

Annamarie is our creative director and her experience includes a background in B2B and B2C communications. A creative thinker able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, she collaborates closely with members of our marketing and creative teams to fully understand the scope of our project to develop campaign strategies.

“I have an intense passion and drive to elevate the profile of the brands I work with, and that – along with a commitment to constantly researching – means I can stay ahead of the curve in a constantly changing business landscape,” Annamarie says.

Her focus is to discover innovative ways to adapt design trends to increase brand awareness and foster loyalty and client retention.

Annamarie earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Maryville University in St. Louis, MO, and she spends her free moments pursuing interests in automotive illustration, auto racing, equestrian sports, photography, film-making and piloting drones.

Nicky Grover – Senior Reporting and Business Operations Analyst

Nicky has taken on critical data analysis and reporting projects in her roles with corporations such as Google, Nike, Wells Fargo and Chase.

Her work has encompassed analysis of budgets, economic forecasts and executive-level financial reporting utilizing tools from Horizon 360 to Salesforce to SQL.

Nicky’s  technical skills set, deep understanding of analytics and strategies to optimize efficiency and ability to identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets makes her the ideal member of our team to define new process improvement opportunities for our clients.

She earned her Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from Kansas State University.

Todd Halterman – Managing Editor

Todd is a Managing Editor, Writer and developer fascinated by all things technological and fintech.

“You discover the story as you discover and listen to the people behind the story,” Todd says. “People and their passions are the engines that drive the news cycle forward into history.”

His work has been published by the Associated Press,,, The Grand Rapids Press, Advance Newspapers, The Chicago Reader, the Chicago Tribune, The Detroit Free Press and HBO.

Todd has also served as a technical writer and consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as BAAN, Steelcase and Corning, Inc.

Todd earned a BFA in English and Journalism from Michigan State University.

Schmid Payen – Web Developer and Fintech Specialist

Schmid is a Full Stack Web Develop and passionate in his dedication to coding and finance.

“It’s all about self-discipline, continuous learning, and tremendous patience,” says Schmid.

A graduate of Purdue University in Computer Science and of The King’s College in Business Administration and Management, Schmid is expert in the fields of Investment Strategies, Financial Analysis and Market Analysis.

Schmid is focused on developing our web and mobile technologies utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), data science and software engineering with cutting-edge technologies which have helped us deliver client-focused results.

He’s also fluent in English, French and Haitian Creole.

Kyle D Winters – Senior Graphic Designer

Kyle is an innovative and results-driven senior designer who leverages marketing strategy and creative talents to brand products and re-brand global organizations.

His dedication to improving user experiences through visual communications has helped us develop our intuitive and user-friendly software.

Kyle’s work to develop our brand identity and UX/UI-design means our clients can take advantage of the most intuitive and user-friendly bank ratings application on the web.

His multimedia design skills have won the Tesla account for Hino Trucks, been on display at the influential tech event CES and exhibited on Wall Street at the NYSE during the bell ringing ceremony.

Kyle is also the winner of multiple American Graphic Design Awards.

Kyle earned his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a Minor in Advertising from Central Michigan University. He has also received post-grad certifications in User Interface Design, Art Direction, and Graphic Design.

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