This is the test for Bank Ratings

Think of our reports as “FICO Scores for Banks and Credit Unions.”

We’re a dedicated team of banking professionals, data scientists, finance advisers and journalists with one goal in mind – handing you the keys to your own vault of customized financial information.

Our comprehensive and live data allows you to locate any bank or credit union branch near you and reach deep into the information set you need to make critical decisions.

Our intuitive calculators and reports, along with original and curated editorial content, will guide and inform you to help you reach your financial goals.

banks best rates database
Banks Best Rates members also receive exclusive, discounted offers from our member banks and credit unions which allow you to compare rates on mortgages, personal loans, savings accounts, CDs, credit cards and a wide range of additional and critical financial products – and we guarantee to protect your privacy, personal information and credit score.

No matter where you are now – or where you’re going with your finances – you can depend on BanksBestRates and BankFax to arm you with the best tools to take on your financial challenges.

Via our recent acquisition of, you can now print over 20 different financial reports on every bank or credit union within the domestic United States.

Through our commitment to continuously innovate and remake the financial industry, our custom logarithmic credit system which rates banks and credit unions gives everyone the ability to see our laser-accurate and real time BankFax scores


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